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Ease of Operation

Trouble-free handling and immensely easy to use by way of large display screens with encoders for navigation of several features and parameters

Sophisticated Design

Ergonomically and elegantly designed, giving this machine a distinguished and aesthetically enhanced appearance

Versatile & Multifaceted

Aspire range of Patient Monitors come with Multi-Parameter Monitoring of various Vital Signs. They can be upgraded to monitor several other parameters as well

High Levels of Accuracy

Aspire range of Patient Monitors are of the utmost quality, ensuring high levels of accuracy of all monitored parameters

Caters to a broad range of Applications

  • Primary and Secondary Care Nursing Homes
  • Tertiary Care Multi Speciality Hospitals
  • Dedicated Intensive Care Units
  • Various Operating Rooms
  • Mobile Healthcare (Critical Care Ambulances)
  • Emergency Rooms and Special Wards

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