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Product Details: 

Vivid-Pro: is a high performance high vacuum aspirator. Used in places of high discharge and where high vacuum is needed, specially in case of LIPO surgery or in ENT surgery (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) where a Debrider blades cant function unless and until a tissue is sucked. 

  • Maintenance free oil less piston cylinder pumps.
  • Regulator to control desired vacuum levels.
  • Overflow protection device to prevent liquids/solids from entering the intermediate tubing.
  • Unique bacteria filter to prevent air borne contamination in sterile rooms
  • Virtually unbreakable transparent auto cleavable poly carbonate jars.
  • Graduated jars with wide mouth easy for cleansing.
  • All jars provided with easy to remove lids.
  • Silicon gaskets for better life provide on lids.
  • Placement of Vacuum gauges for easy view.
  • 4000ml Poly-Carbonate bottles easy to carry
  • Bacteria Filters
  • Precise Vacumm Controller
  • Easy Cangeover Switch
  • Foot Switch

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