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What to Look For in Hospital Furniture

  • Strength: Take note of gauge of pipes and sheets, they provide strength and life to the furniture. Look for extra support at pressure areas.

  • Mechanism: using scientific mechanisms makes furniture comfortable to use, long lasting and conducive to faster patient recovery, Prefer furniture that is crafted using proper mechanisms.

  • Paint: Hospital furniture is often exposed to special conditions and chemicals during patient care. Always insist for furniture that is chemically pre treated, power coated and baked through proper process using latest technology for long lasting and superior finish.

  • Aesthetics: In addition to good treatment and facilities patient look for Comfortable and pleasing stay at the hospital. Aesthetics pleasing furniture plays a major role in creating a pleasant feeling for the customer and making the choice. chose furniture that enhances the overall appeal of your hospital.

  • Manufacturer: Always prefer a seasoned manufacturer with good track record, to get furniture craffted with expertise and trustworthy after sale services.